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The #IMEXpitch competition launched at IMEX America 2014 and it’s been a hit with event tech start-ups ever since. The #IMEXpitch is designed to provide start-ups with a platform to showcase their products to our audience of event professionals. 

With #IMEXpitch submissions officially open for IMEX America 2016, we catch up with past winners to find out how the #IMEXpitch has impacted their success.

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IMEX America 2014

#IMEXpitch winner: Speecheo

Speecheo assists speakers in sharing their content with attendees during presentations, conferences, seminars and courses. The web app allows attendees to capture and interact with the information provided by the speaker. The attendee’s actions are anonymously captured and relayed back to the speaker too.

Before IMEX America, Speecheo were at the beginning stages of launching their product to the world of events. Since receiving the title of #IMEXpitch 2014 winner they've captured the interest of industry investors and have been accepted into one of the best start-up incubators in Paris. We caught up with them a year later and this is what they had to say

Event Manager Blog also published a great interview with Damien, Raphael and Morgan, the founders of Speecheo, here:

IMEX 2015

#IMEXpitch winner: InitLive

InitLive is an all-in-one software mobile app for event staff to manage their scheduling and communication during an event. InitLive Co-Founder/Marketing Manager and UI/UX Design Coordinator, Melissa Pinard told us, “Before applying for and winning the #IMEXpitch in Frankfurt, we had just launched our platform and were starting to attain our first customers. Since winning, we have significantly grown our customer list and product. We have fully internationalised our system and implemented our first additional language, Canadian French. Our app continues to be very powerful on event-day, and substantial improvements have been made to the pre-event setup including improvements to registration, scheduling and managing sign-ups.”

IMEX America 2015

#IMEXpitch winner: Loopd

Loopd combines three essential components for a corporate event marketer: a mobile app, a wearable system and rich analytics. It’s the industry’s only bi-directional solution enabling contact and content exchange automatically for partners and attendees. Loopd CEO, Brian Friedman reports, “Before the #IMEXpitch, Loopd helped more than 3,000 attendees optimise their time and ROI at events, collected 2 million interaction data points and helped event marketers prove the value of their conference. Since winning the #IMEXpitch last year, we have captured over 1 billion physical interaction data points, powered over 30,000 attendee experiences, secured three industry leading patents and closed enterprise deals with leading companies. I am excited to announce that the second generation of the Loopd Badge will be available at the beginning of September 2016.”

IMEX 2016

#IMEXpitch winner: eventbaxx

“eventbaxx is a personalised microsite filled with coupons created by either the event organiser or sponsor. A coupon can include a code, a redeem button or a typical sponsored message. It also has an integrable API for ticketing systems, helping to automate the process for attendees.”

“Before IMEX, we were already working on expanding the brand. The #IMEXpitch came to us at the perfect time; we were at the cusp of success and winning the contest gave us a boost in the right direction. Since then, we have captured the interest of numerous industry professionals, our PR coverage significantly increased, and it has helped to build a level of authority with new and potential customers. We’re so proud to have won the #IMEXpitch, and we look forward to what the future holds for us,” explained Sandra Engel, eventbaxx marketing.

The #IMEXpitch has proved to be a valuable platform for start-ups to launch their event tech to the perfect target audience. If your company is looking for a chance to showcase a tech product at IMEX America 2016, submit your application here.

2/08/2016|Charlotte Park, IMEX Group