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With IMEX America just around the corner, we’ve gathered a few hacks and insider tips to make your time at the show that little bit smoother.

Outside of the IMEX show

Carry water with you - Las Vegas is a dry desert heat; this can affect you more than you think.

Drugstore/ pharmacy - Walgreens is walking distance from The Venetian. You can find the location here. Also, most Las Vegas Strip hotels have an equivalent onsite or close by.

Pack comfortable shoes - and bring extra socks. When you're walking all day you need to wear shoes that won't leave your feet in agonizing pain. Changing your socks half way through the day can help make your feet feel refreshed. In addition, pack away a few nude coloured Band-Aids/ plasters just in case.  

Tipping – It’s customary to tip for services in the US. The rate varies from state to state. However for Las Vegas it’s common to tip your valet, your hotel room cleaner, your bellman, your taxi driver, your waiter, the bartender, etc. To get a better understanding of this here are some tips on tipping.

It’s a good idea to change up some of your dollars to single $1 notes. This will save you the embarrassment of not being able to tip.

Where to eat and what to see - We wrote a blog post filled with useful links to restaurants, shows and entertainment, called The What, Where and How of Las Vegas.

Before the show

Don’t forget your documents - This includes hotel reservations, ID’s (US driver’s license or passport), transport information and anything else related to your trip.
IMEX tip: Have a hard copy on you and also upload all your information (including your ID) to an online secure cloud so you can access it anywhere if needed.

Download the official IMEX America app – Download the app directly to your phone with this link. If you need help, here’s our app guide to help get you started.

Get your caffeine fix - If you’re a coffee or tea drinker, bring a reusable travel cup with you. It helps eliminate the amount of waste, and café’s around the show floor are offering discounts. Support our sustainability campaign #GreenCaffeine.


Network before the show - Reach out and let people know you will be at IMEX America. Here’s a social media guide we wrote on how and when to use social media at the show.  

Zenvoy - IMEX America has partnered up with Zenvoy to provide attendees with a valuable networking opportunity. Zenvoy creates valuable introductions between attendees who share a series of common criteria with you i.e., similar age, professional experience, position or professional need. Sign up now and find your tribe at IMEX America.

At the Show

App – Do you have any questions about the IMEX America App? Drop by the QuickMobile booth #259.

Ask the IMEX team – IMEX team will be sporting gold badges. Don’t miss the IMEX Social Team in their red t-shirts. They will help with connecting to Wi-Fi and tweeting. Use the show’s hashtag to stay involved in the conversation #IMEX16.

ATM’s – They are located on Level 1 across from the Coat and Bag Check and on Level 2 between Halls B and C. There are also several ATM’s in the lobby and casino of the Venetian and The Palazzo.

Badge back - At the end of your time at IMEX America drop your badge in our badge back bins located around the show floor. Please see the pocket guide for locations. 

IMEX14 5577

Boarding pass printing – This is available for selected airlines on Wednesday and Thursday at Main registration on Level 2.

IMEX Tip:  Visit the Delta / SkyTeam Global Meetings booth #3200 for flight information or flight changes on Delta or any Skyteam member airlines.

Charging your phone – Cell phone charging dedicated units are available (sponsored by InCharged). Please refer to the map below or your pocket guide map for location of the charging units.  

Discounts – All IMEX attendees should check their IMEX portal for discounts available to them. 

Food – There’s a large variety of food choices onsite.

  • There’s a brand new food court located in Hall G, with a wide range of food trucks and a large café seating area which can be found in Hall G, directly beneath the IMEX show floor. This is accessible via the escalators in the centre of the hall.
  • The Restaurants situated both in the centre of the show floor and to the right on Hall B, offer a wide range of hot and cold meals and snacks including salads, sandwiches and soups plus alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • The IMEX Media Café (booth 267) also offers a selection of Grab & Go catering including sandwiches, salads and yogurts.
  • Café Presse situated on Level 1 offers pastries including croissants, muffins and Danish.

IMEX Tip: If you are looking for healthy food options please refer to our Be well Guide  

This map shows where the water stations, food, charging stations and restrooms are located around the show floor. 


Please note: This map is in the IMEX America Pocket Guide, available at the show. 

Network like an insider – IMEX America offers incredible opportunities for attendees to network with like-minded professionals. Over the past few years we have collected some tips that can really help.

  • Business Card Networking Tips – Did you know there are different business card practices in Japan, China and India?
  • Selling is not telling – Selling is all about asking the right questions. This is a great insight on how to pitch yourself without sounding like you’re selling a product.
  • Fine-Tuning the Follow-Up – After a networking event, you don’t want to lose the connections you made. Following up is just as important as the face-to-face meetings.

Parking is free at the Venetian – There are a total 14 floors of parking space. For more information on parking visit: Parking Garages

Relax and meditate - Take time out of your busy schedule to mediate, do some deep breathing, practice yoga or even sit in a technology free environment in our Be Well Lounge, sponsored by Hilton, located Room 103, Level 1, Sands® Expo.

Well Being Guide

Taxi’s and UBERs – Make sure to ask to be dropped at the Sands Expo, Lower Lobby.

IMEX Tip: If you’re stay at the Venetian or the Palazzo, avoid the busy casino area by walking to the show floor via the second level of The Shoppes at The Palazzo. Here’s a map of The Venetian and The Palazzo to help plot your route.

Toilets/ Restrooms: It’s always good to know where the closest bathroom is. Check the pocket guide for a map of the bathrooms, or the image/ map above.

Water stations - There are water stations located throughout the show floor. Refer to the pocket guide map or the map above for exact locations. 

Wi-Fi – To improve your Wi-Fi signal, make sure you heard to one at our dedicated Wi-Fi Educational Events off the show floor: Casanova, Marco Polo, Galileo and the in Sands showroom. There is also a dedicated Wi-Fi networking in the hosted buyer lounge. Check out the Wi-Fi hotspots around the show floor in the map above or your pocket guide. 

IMEX Tip: If you are from the USA check your data plan, 3G/ 4G works better. If you are coming from overseas ask your mobile phone provider for information on international data packages.

We hope you enjoy every second of IMEX America. Please don't forget to use #IMEX16 when you Tweet us, tag us in your Instagram pictures or write on our Facebook page. 

13/10/2016|Charlotte Park, Digital Marketing Assistant