A Gift list for the Holidays from a Planner to a Planner

Gift List For Planners

Whether you’re an planner looking to buy a holiday gift for another planner, or you have a planner in your life and need to find the perfect gift, here’s a list to help you start the brainstorming.

Battery Packs

Have you realized how bad smartphone batteries are these days? It’s the worst feeling going to an event and waiting around an electrical outlet for your phone to charge.

There are so many different types of battery packs to choose from:

Inside your phone case:

Phone Case Charger


Battery packs that can charge more than one device at a time

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Or a solar powered battery pack so they can charge their device on the go.

Solar Powered

Portable Hotspot 

WiFi is one of the biggest issues for planners when traveling. Best Products compiled a great list of the 10 Best Portable Wifi Hotspots for Road Warriors. Do your research before purchasing; some of the devices will have different features and requirements.

Portable Wifi

Caffeine Fueled Gifts

Do you have a coffee guzzling planner in your life? A coffee a day helps keep the planner mind in tune. For the quirky, comical gifts, etsy has a coffee lover’s gift list ranging from printed mugs to coffee cup rings:

Unique Coffee Lovers Gift Related Items Etsy 

If you can’t decide on the type of coffee, why not get them all with the Coffee Masters Around The World In Twelve Coffees Variety Pack. Give their taste buds an exotic adventure

There is a love hate relationship with iced coffee. Normal ice dilutes the coffee making it taste weak and less desirable. There is a solution: Fred & Friends COOL BEANS Coffee Ice Tray

 Iced Cube Tray For Coffee

This tray allows you to freeze coffee into little coffee cubes – perfect coffee every time.

A Drone


#EventTech is becoming a prominent trending topic for meeting and event planners. A drone will take the planners online content to the next level with a birds-eye views of their event. These can range from £38 to £600, just remember to do your research first and read the reviews. Pocket-Lint has a great list on the best drones to buy in 2016, whatever your budget.

Subscription for a year

Sometimes it’s hard to decide on one specific gift, that’s where monthly subscriptions come in.

  • Audible (digital audio books) – This is perfect for book lovers with busy schedules. They offer gift memberships from 3 months to 12 months.
  • Birch Box – A monthly beauty box subscription, perfect for planners who travel. All products in the beauty box come in travel sized trial sizes and are customized on the recipient of the box. They offer 3 month, 6 month and 12 month subscriptions. They make boxes for both men and women.

For more options here’s a great list on the The best subscription gifts for Christmas.


“A good education is the greatest gift you can give yourself or anyone else” - Mahtab Narsimhan

Planners are busy by nature and struggle to dedicate time to working on themselves or expanding their pool of knowledge. Why not give them the gift of new found knowledge; they’ll thank you later for it.

Do some research in your planners’ area to see if there are any course centres or training courses that fit with their area of interest. Or find a TED conference, live talk or an independently run events in their area.

I hope this list has inspired you to finding that special gift for that special planner friend.

Happy holidays!

20/12/2016|Charlotte Park, Marketing Assistant, IMEX Group