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Passion and experience will carry you far, but what about the extra boost that puts you at peak performance? We asked some leading industry professionals to share their recipes for success. The result is this eclectic recipe collection, featuring superfoods to power you through the day, all-American classics, Asian flavours, a European taste tour, potluck challenge, exotic drinks, desserts and chocolate cocoa delights from around the world. We hope to inspire you into the kitchen with our IMEX recipes. Enjoy!

Chocolate cocoa delights

Beef with cocoa sauce

Simon Pattinson

Carrement chocolat

Eric Montant

Chocolate bundt cake

Denise Dornfeld

IMEX Recipes Chocolate Montezuma Beef Cocoa Sauce IMEX Recipes Chocolate Framboise  IMEX Recipes Chocolate Bundt Cake
Download Simon's recipe Download Eric's recipe Download Denise's recipe

Chocolate cake

Michael Douglas

Chocolate mousse

Fiona Pelham

Chocolate truffles

ICCA foodies

IMEX Recipes Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake IMEX Recipes Chocolate Mousse Fiona Pelham IMEX Recipes Chocolate Truffles
Download Michael's recipe Download Fiona's recipe Download ICCA foodies' recipe

Mole poblano

Eduardo Chaillo

Baked alaska bonanza

IMEX team

Double chocolate cookies

Richard Allchild

IMEX Recipes Chocolate Mole Poblano IMEX Recipes Chocolate Baked Alaska IMEX Recipes Chocolate Cookies Richard
Download Eduardo's recipe  Download IMEX team's recipe   Download Richard's recipe  

Vanilla choccy cupcakes

Ray Bloom's grandchildren

IMEX Recipes Chocolate Cupcakes    
Download Ray's grandchildren's recipe    

Crème de la crème desserts

Gula Banago

Angeline Lue

Regina's Malakoff torte

Joost de Meyer


Alisson Batres

Angeline's Gula Banago Joost's Regina Malakoff Torte Alisson's Rellenitos
Download Angeline's recipe Download Regina's recipe Download Alisson's recipe

Sawasdee sweet

Czarina Tanprasert

Chocolate brownie

Emilia Grochowska

Banana and acai tiramisu

Sarah Skavron

Czarina's Sawasdee Sweet Emilia's Brownie Sarah's Tiramisu 
Download Czarina's recipe Download Emilia's recipe Download Sarah's recipe

Drinks and cocktails

Blueberry smoothie

Jonathan Bradshaw

Drai's lemonade

Drai's Nightclub, Las Vegas

Lux hot chocolate

Carina Bauer

Jon's Blueberry Smoothie  Drai's Lemonade  Carina's Hot Choc 
Download Jonathan's recipe Download Drai's recipe Download Carina's recipe


Carolin Thievessen


Mixologist Oskar Kinberg

Wagon wheel

Suzanne Medcalf

Carolin's Passiflora Oskar's Piscotheque  Suzanne's Wagon Wheel
Download Carolin's recipe Download Oskar's recipe Download Suzanne's recipe

Passion fruit O'Connor

Olivia O'Connor

Olivia's Passion Fruit Cocktail     
Download Olivia's recipe    

Baked blackberry and lemon curd cheesecake

IMEX Team festive recipe: Christopher Perrins

Christmas Cheesecake

Download recipe here


Potluck challenge

Beef enchilada bake

Audrey Simmons

Chicken escarole soup

Craig Hoffend

Ground chicken sloppy joes

Denise Marie T. Germano

Enchilada Bake _Shade Stree _Audrey Simmons Chicken Soup _GES_Craig Hoffend Sloppy Joes _Hosts Global Alliance _Denise Germano
Download Audrey's recipe Download Craig's recipe Download Denise's recipe

Shrimp spaghetti squash pasta

Jenny Yu

Zur with egg

Krzysztof Celuch

Oatmeal cookies

Milda Salciute

Shrimp Squash Spaghetti _Sands _Jenny Yu Zur With Egg _Poland _Krzysztof Celuch Oatmeal Cookies _IMEX_Milda Salciute
Download Jenny's recipe Download Krzysztof's recipe Download Milda's recipe


Avocado and palm hearts chop chop salad

PCMA Conference 2014 IMEX recipes contest winner: Eduardo Chaillo

Eduardo Chaillo Avocado Chop Chop Salad

Download Eduardo's recipe


A taste tour of Europe

Almond soup

Elif Balci Fisunoglu


Barbra Steuri-Albrecht

Pork tenderloin in pastry

Ana Sustersic

Elif's Almond Soup Barbra's Birchermuesli Ana's Pork Tenderloin
Download Elif's recipe Download Barbra's recipe Download Ana's recipe

Spanish omelette special

Juan Jose Garcia Acereto

Wiener schnitzel

May Sollinger-Soucek

Irish soda bread

Mary Rodgers

Juan's Omelette May's Schnitzel Mary's Soda Bread
Download Juan Jose's recipe Download May's recipe Download Mary's recipe


Cointreau-laced Yule log with festive truffles

IMEX team cook off winners:

Laura Mears, Sarah Arnold and Lisa Townsend

IMEX Recipes 2013 ecard

Download Laura, Sarah and Lisa's recipe


A flavour of Asia

Hot beef rendang

Martin Sirk

Prawns with zucchini

Pieter A Van Der Hoeven AM

Rainbow salad

Connie Cheng

Martin Sirk Beef Rendang Pieter van der Hoeven Prawns Connie Cheng Rainbow Salad
Download Martin's recipe Download Pieter's recipe Download Connie's recipe

Salmon and tamarind curry

Natasha Tome

Kwok wok won tons

Chef Hon Lam Kwok 

Natasha Tome Salmon Curry Kwok Wok Won Tons  
Download Natasha's recipe Download Hon Lam's recipe  

The taste of America

Barbecued shrimp

Chef Emeril Lagasse

Ahi tuna dip

Suzanne Murdoch

Jill's layered taco dip

Tyler Stewart
Emeril Lagasse Barbecue Shrimp Suzanne Murdoch Tuna Dip Tyler Stewart Taco Dip
Download Emeril's recipe Downlaod Suzanne's recipe Download Tyler's recipe

Kool kale salad

Carol Higgins 

Orange cocoa bundt cake

Linda Davis 

Oscar Goodman's cocktail

Oscar Goodman

Carol Higgins Kale Salad  Linda Davis Orange Bundt Cake Oscar Goodman Cocktail
Download Carol's recipe Download Linda's recipe Download Oscar's recipe

Peachy summer sangria

Amy Spatrisano

Pumpkin mac 'n' cheese

Beverly Laing 

Summer orzo salad

Betsy Bair 

Amy Spatrisano Sangria  Beverly Laing Pumpkin Mac Ncheese Betsy Bair Summer Orzo Salad
Download Amy's recipe  Download Beverly's recipe  Download Betsy's recipe 

Summer pasta

Meg Fasy 

Turkey burger and farro salad

Susan Wolfla 

Veal shanks osso buco

John Caparella 

Meg Fasy Summer Pasta Susan Wolfla Farro Salad John Caparella Veal Shank Osso Buco
Download Meg's recipe  Download Susan's recipe Download John's recipe

Cowgirl country hotpot

Geraldine Gatehouse

American flag cake

Suzanne Medcalf

Geraldine Gatehouse Cowgirl Hotpot Suzanne Medcalf American Flag Cake  
Download Geraldine's recipe Download Suzanne's recipe  

Superfood collection

Avocado and shrimp salad

Kristin Mirabal

Baked pumpkin custard

Cindy D'Aoust

Broccoli pasta

Anne Roth

Kristin Mirabal Avocado Shrimp Salad  Cindy DAoust Pumpkin Custard  Anne Roth Broccoli Pasta
Download Kristin's recipe Download Cindy's recipe Download Anne's recipe

Broccoli and chicken salad

Matthias Schultze

Coconut milk pudding

Jennifer Salsbury

Power breakfast

Sherrif Karamat

Matthias Schultze Broccoli Chicken Salad Jenny Salsbury Coconut Milk Pudding Sherrif Karamat Power Breakfast 
Download Matthias' recipe Download Jennifer's recipe Download Sherrif's recipe 

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