Equity, diversity and inclusion

Our guiding principle is the family table – everyone has a place and everyone has a voice. But what does that look like at IMEX?

Our guiding principle is the family table – everyone has a place and everyone has a voice. But what does that look like at IMEX?


The IMEX equity, diversity and inclusion working group

At IMEX, our team members are encouraged to bring their authentic selves to work each day. Equity, diversity and inclusion are a top priority for us, but we acknowledge there is always more we can do to increase awareness and act on our beliefs. To that end, we have a dedicated equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) working group.

Our EDI working group is made up of team members across departments, with a united aim to make our workplace and our trade shows as inclusive as possible.

Here are some of the things we’ve been working on:

At our shows

  • Our team is focused on cultivating speaker diversity and welcomes speakers from underrepresented groups with a wide range of experiences and perspectives
  • We’ve created the IMEX code of conduct which is highlighted in emails to our attendees pre-show and placed in high traffic areas at our trade shows
  • We encourage our staff to wear pronoun badges at our shows to create an open and inclusive environment
  • We’re working on our inclusive and accessible social media presence
  • Check out our case study from IMEX Frankfurt 2019 for more information about the EDI initiatives in place at our shows

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In our office

  • We’ve introduced an anonymised recruitment process. This means we remove details such as name, age and university from a candidate’s application to ensure no unconscious bias in our hiring. We’re also working toward our Disability Confident employer accreditation to ensure our recruitment practices are as inclusive as possible
  • Through our in-house lecture series, we regularly bring in outside speakers to talk to our staff about EDI issues (and lots of other things)
  • We have developed detailed resource hubs on all things EDI, for our team to research and engage with EDI topics based on their preferred learning style

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Through our communications and memberships

Personal pronouns

Our use of personal pronouns is one of the ways in which we portray our identities. When someone asks you to use their pronouns, they are asking you to respect that identity.

At IMEX, we encourage our team to use personal pronouns in their email signatures if they wish, to avoid assumptions based on name or appearance and to support the transgender and non-binary community.

We recognise that our clients, partners, and team come from diverse backgrounds and that all of us bring a unique and valued perspective to the table. We want to make sure there’s a place at that table for everyone who wants to join in.

How are we doing? What are you doing?

How are we doing? What are you doing?

We strive to make IMEX a 100% positive experience for everyone in our office and at our shows. Let us know if there’s anything we can do better to ensure our shows are accessible and enjoyable for all attendees.

We’d love to hear the EDI initiatives you’ve implemented in your own organisation. Let’s all grow together. You can contact us at [email protected]

What equity, diversity and inclusion means to us

Equity, diversity and inclusion are about understanding that everyone is unique, and recognising these individual differences. It's about moving beyond tolerance to embrace these differences by creating a space not only where people see themselves represented, but where people truly feel they belong.

Maria Gaillez, Relationship Manager, Hosted Buyer Programme

IMEX Group

Equity, diversity and inclusion to me means recognition and acceptance, and IMEX has always been that safe space for staff to bring their authentic selves. The team strives to make IMEX stronger every day by continuing to raise awareness, educate, and ensure inclusivity both in the office and at our exhibitions.

David Attenborough, Senior Financial Planning & Analysis Manager

IMEX Group

EDI for me is all about equality of opportunity and inclusion in its broadest definition. It’s important for building a culture of openness, acceptance and tolerance internally, as well as ensuring we play our part in the industry, by educating others around how to take steps to improve diversity within the industry. Finally, it's critical, as an industry that we attract talent from a diverse pool to ensure we can continually innovate and stay relevant to broader society.

Carina Bauer, CEO

IMEX Group