Face-to-face with our human nature

In the first of a new ‘snapshot series,’ we take a deep dive into our human nature, asking who we are post-pandemic, what we learned about ourselves, and how we can reconnect ‘in real life,’ in the healthiest and happiest of ways. On the surface, it would seem we are an industry and a community populated by “people persons”. In fact, human beings encompass different personality types, across several dimensions. As we re-emerge and navigate this new landscape, we’re understanding more about our own personalities and how we can better relate to others than ever before. 


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Face-to-face snapshot series

We’ve gathered the latest industry research and discussions around meeting face-to-face, personality types, addressing re-entry anxiety and the healing power of our breath. As we work to ‘build forward better,’ let’s contemplate how we design events around our human nature.