IMEXfiles August 2022

Exploring our new (real and virtual) reality 

Reflecting on the monumental leap forward in our use of technology over the last couple of years, during his 2021 Year in Review, Bill Gates left us with this thought, “As unbelievable as it sounds, we’re only starting to see how digitization is going to change our lives.” If over the last couple of years, you’ve felt like you’re being propelled (slightly reluctantly) ever faster forwards on an unfamiliar tech path without a guide or a map, this issue of the IMEXfiles is for you… 

The Ultimate Guide to Event Tech

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What we're sharing

The Ultimate Guide to Event Tech

From Skift Meetings Editor, Miguel Neves, the Ultimate Guide to Event Tech will help you navigate the 1000% growth of this now crowded sector and choose the right event tech, from concept through process and people, to the tools themselves. So, whether you’re overwhelmed by choice or like a kid in a candy store – read this before you do anything else. 


The smartest glasses

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What we've spotted

The smartest glasses

Or rather what the team at TrendWatching have spotted – these glasses from XRAI Glass are one of the best examples of assistive technology to help people connect that we’ve seen. Turning speech into text, the glasses create subtitles for real-world interactions. Imagine how much easier we could make life for people in the deaf community (and beyond) if we could provide glasses like these at our events? 

Look this way

What we're booking tickets for

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What we're booking tickets for

ABBA Voyage

Described by Times columnist Caitlin Moran as “the perfect pop experience – like a disco in heaven”, the ground-breaking ABBA Voyage concert blends the real and the virtual with ABBA’s original four members appearing as ‘ABBAtars’ backed up by a live band in a purpose-built arena in London’s Olympic Park. An opportunity to witness global superstars at their AR-enhanced best – is this the future of live music events? 


What we're reflecting on

Remote tourism

What we're reflecting on

Remote working tourism

While for many of us the last couple of years have been all about remote working – and exploring the technology that allowed us to keep working, meeting – and running events – the team at Visit Faroe Islands were busy inventing ‘remote tourism’, the world’s first remote-controlled tourism experience. 700,000 (remote) tourists ‘visited’ the islands – and according to Adweek, “no Faroese were harmed during the making”.  


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