IMEXfiles February 2022

What’s your story?

At a time when conflict seems pervasive, when views seem increasingly polarised, when the distances between us seem insurmountable, when common ground seems beyond our grasp - it feels more important than ever that we come together to share our experiences, our stories, our humanity.

IMEXfiles February 2022

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What we're hearing

Big Talk

Created to explore a way of bringing people closer together, to show how, despite their differences, everyone has something in common, the Big Talk project encourages people to share their stories, “to move past small talk, make more meaningful connections, fight loneliness, foster community and build curiosity and empathy across borders.” Is it time we all ditched the small talk for big talk?

Image: Tyler Nix, Unsplash

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What we're sharing

Story skills

Speaking at IMEX America last year, Sharad Kharé, Human Biography founder, shared what makes a good story – and how to elicit that story. Sharing experiences through stories is one of the most powerful ways to engage, inspire and impart knowledge – but do we have the skills to do it? Read on for Sharad’s insight into developing your own story telling, and story listening, skills.

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What we're reading

Brené Brown on story stewardship

We’ve been Brené Brown buffs ever since her opening keynote at the inaugural IMEX America back in 2011. In her latest book, Atlas of the Heart, Brené explains the practice of story stewardship, why we need to have the confidence to ask others how they’re feeling – to listen, to be curious – and to not shut people down or take over the narrative when we experience discomfort or disinterest. “When we are reckless with people’s stories, we diminish our own humanity.”

Image: Brené Brown

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What we're boosting

Health, happiness and innovation

Fast forwarding to our 10th IMEX America last year, our opening keynote Dr Shimi Kang shared three key activities to build into your events to boost your attendees’ health, happiness and innovation. Grounded in science, her approach is really all about giving your attendees freedom and space – the freedom to take time out, to play; the space to connect, to share their stories.


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