IMEXfiles January 2022

Our New Year’s resolution

Our 2022 resolution? To simply ask ourselves the question, can we do better? As we move into the New Year we’re refocusing on our sphere of influence, on where we can make a real difference, on our shared responsibility as an industry to be a force for good, to come together to shape our planet-first future.

IMEXfiles January 2022

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What we're talking about

Giving nature a second chance

In her first blog of the year, our CEO Carina Bauer explains why we’re giving our 2020/2021 Talking Point, Nature, a second chance; why we’ve signed up to Net Zero Carbon Events and why we’re going green for people and planet. She also explores the ‘Icelandverse’, recycling coffee grounds and how to name a baby gorilla…

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Who we're watching

Patagonia on the climate crisis

As we start to plot our own path to net zero, we’re taking Patagonia’s transparent stance as our lodestar. They’re open about, and take responsibility for, the emissions created by every part of their business – and go further, supporting community-led efforts and using any power and influence they have to push for positive change.

Image: Seiya Maeda, Unsplash
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What we might be wearing

Shoes made from mushrooms and dog hair

That might sound like an unappealing prospect, but stay with us. The ‘Sneature’ (that’s sneaker + future) is one of the next generation trends explored by Springwise, from beautiful biowaste to ‘plasticpreneurs’ – as 2022 sees a planet-first approach become a strategic imperative rather than an operational choice.

Image: Springwise
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What we're celebrating

The Force of Nature

For all of us who have an impassioned young person in their lives (sorry, that makes us all sound really old – some of us are those impassioned young people!), how often have you thought ‘they’re a real force of nature’? Clover Hogan, founder of Force of Nature, an organisation working to empower young people to turn their eco-anxiety into action, is one of these ‘forces’. We can all (young and old!) take heed and hope from her mission to turn eco-anxiety into eco-action. Let’s reclaim our power.


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