IMEXfiles July 2022

Embracing the power of possibility

What does today mean to you? 28 July may feel like any other day but for us it’s a reminder to embrace the power of possibility, to reflect on our responsibilities, to redefine what really matters, to consider how we apply humanity’s greatest strengths, to map out our pathway. 

It's Earth Overshoot Day

Curve of Earth from Space

Why today matters

It’s Earth Overshoot Day

28 July 2022 is Earth Overshoot Day – the day when we’ve exhausted all the biological resources that our planet will generate during the whole of 2022. This is not a message of doom, but one of hope – a reminder that while our planet is finite, our human possibilities are not. “The transformation to a sustainable carbon-neutral world will succeed if we apply humanity’s greatest strengths: foresight, innovation and care for each other.”

Image: NASA, Unsplash


The On Being Project

Painted plants on pink background

Who we're following

The On Being Project

What does it mean to be human? How do we want to live? Who will we be to each other? Questions fundamental to the human experience, and questions that may seem too hard to answer. Exploring our path through life, our place in the world – and our responsibility to it, the On Being Project helps bring clarity. Start with this gorgeous short film on ‘The Natural World, Joy and Human Becoming’ and then dive right in.


Glastonbury's Shangri-La

Protest signs and crowd

What we're celebrating

Glastonbury’s Shangri-La

With a focus on human connection, featuring VR technology and activism-inspired installations, Glastonbury’s immersive Shangri-La space, brought to life for this summer’s Glastonbury return, set out to prove that an inspiring and accessible event space can be created using re-used and reusable objects, scrap metal and wood. That VR tech can be used to bring people together. And that there’s nothing quite like the power and possibility of collective human energy.

Image: Design Week

To Shangri-La

The pathway to clarity

Walkway through trees

What we're setting out

The pathway to clarity

Recognising the confusion and complexity that has defined our lives since the start of the pandemic, we’re redefining and streamlining our IMEX America education programme under a new Pathways to Clarity umbrella. Our aim is to provide the tools, insights and lessons to help us all move forwards with confidence, simplicity and clarity. As our CEO, Carina Bauer, says, “Now, and together, we move into a new phase, with our sights firmly set on 2023, ’24 and beyond.”

Image: Josh Sorenson, Unsplash


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