IMEXfiles September 2022

Bouncing back to Las Vegas

So it’s oficially time to be IMEXcited! If you follow the cues from IMEX HQ this means pouring over the show schedule, planning where and when to meet fellow IMEXers, fine-tuning every last show detail, breaking in our ‘show shoes’, and spending (far too much) time researching Vegas’ incredible food scene for post-show day feasts. Just a few days to go before we’re bouncing back to fabulous Las Vegas – we cannot wait!

IMEX America 2022 of course!

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What we're very IMEXcited about

IMEX America 2022 of course!

New exhibitors, new experiences, new tours – read all about this and more in our IMEX America 2022 Show Preview, a bumper edition for a bumper show. Bookmark the site for all the news direct from the exhibition hall, and from IMEX events all round Las Vegas, throughout IMEX America week.


Shane Feldman

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Who we've been talking to

Shane Feldman

If you’ve been stretching yourself thin, bending yourself into a pretzel, and wearing several different hats in one day, Shane has sage advice for you – on selfcare, uncovering purpose and building community, plus a book recommendation or two. See Shane live in Las Vegas as part of our MPI keynote programme.


Researching (and not just Las Vegas restaurants)

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What we're doing

Researching (and not just Las Vegas restaurants)

No future-foresight glasses? Us neither. So we commissioned our communications strategist Kit Watts to bring you the pick of our research and trends sessions at IMEX America, from intercultural awareness, to emotionally safe events, to post-pandemic expectations versus reality. All designed to fuel your curiosity, inform your actions, and keep you that all important one step ahead.



Green shoots

Who we're spotlighting


Back on home turf, we caught up with Chris McQue at Ventures on a subject close to our hearts – using events as a force for good. On the power we have as event organizers to inspire action, to encourage our communities to take the right path. To ditch the easy wrongs in favour of the often much more difficult rights.


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