IMEX net zero strategy

Learn more about our net zero roadmap and the actions we're taking to reduce our carbon footprint.

About net zero and our mission 

Our net zero journey

Our goal is to make the biggest possible impact towards a net zero future. 

To achieve this, we aim to deliver net zero shows and run a net zero business by 2030. We’re also committed to helping our industry take action to address the climate crisis.

What net zero means to IMEX 

We need to adjust how we operate our business and our shows to reduce and avoid (as far as possible) the carbon emissions generated. We’ll keep on reducing our carbon footprint year on year until it’s nearly impossible to reduce it any further. At this point, we’ll support offsetting projects that remove carbon from the atmosphere.   


What's IMEX Group doing?

Our goal is to make the biggest possible impact towards a net zero future. To achieve this, we aim to deliver net zero shows and run a net zero business by 2030 at the latest.

We’re also committed to inspiring and enabling our industry to take as much action as possible to help address the climate crisis.

You can read about our net zero roadmap below.

Our net zero roadmap  

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions at our shows

We'll work with our suppliers to gather data that measures a more complete emissions footprint. This information will guide future reduction decisions.  

We’ll also work with our exhibitors and stand builders to reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of attending our shows by gradually increasing the percentage of materials they use that are reusable and sustainable. Our vision is a future where all stands are built with materials that meet these criteria.

We’ll measure and report on travel emissions for everyone attending IMEX and offer opportunities to offset unavoidable emissions, for example from air travel. Equally, we’ll continue to encourage and promote sustainable travel options.  

Offset remaining hard-to-reduce GHG emissions  

We will only use carbon offsets for emissions that are hard to avoid or reduce. We see carbon offsets as investments in nature, rather than a free pass for us to carry on business as usual. While we work on reduction and avoidance, we want to start investing in nature, and encourage and enable others to do so as well.   

Leverage our leadership position to inspire and enable action 

The global meetings and events industry is uniquely positioned to act as a change agent in the climate crisis. We believe collaboration is critical in addressing this global crisis and that meetings and events are the backbone of all global collaboration.  

Meetings and events are also where every industry comes together to shape its future. Planners can take an active role in adding climate action to every meeting agenda, as a topic for exploration and action. Planners are also in a unique position to influence positive change by deciding to organise – and advocate for – more carbon-friendly events.  

Finally, events play a vital role in sharing advancement and inspiring individual action towards global goals. 

What we've done so far

From the carpet we use at our shows, to the way we label our menus, we design IMEX shows with sustainability in mind. Our shows are powered by renewable energy sources and due to our landfill diversion rates we meet the industry threshold for zero waste events.

Read more about the actions we take to reduce our global impact.

I strongly believe sustainable events, that deliver a safe and inclusive environment for collaboration, education and partnerships to flourish, will be part of the solution to the big challenges our global community faces today.

Carina Bauer, CEO

IMEX Group