The risks and rewards of extreme innovation

Extreme innovation at its best is intentional, systematic, and frequently the only way to create meaningful change. It’s also a culture and a practice for many of the world’s leading companies and their visionary leaders. In July 2021 we explored this theme of Extreme Innovation by inviting people to speak at our IMEX Buzz Day, who’d done just that – innovated extremely or during extreme times.

This snapshot report is a distillation of the lessons learned by Anna Gyseman, IMEX Design Manager and Susanne Sykes, former Creative Director of Elle, Marie Claire and Grazia UK magazines. Both left successful jobs to be part of the launch team of UK Grazia - the first glossy weekly magazine for women in the UK. Within its first four years of launch, UK Grazia had won eight design awards and completely reimagined the women’s weekly magazine offering.

“The story of what happened between that first hunch and final magazine launch has lessons for every event planner, every creative team and perhaps even every CMO.”


Report cover

Extreme innovation snapshot

“The parallels between events and magazine production are many. Both are here one minute, gone the next. Both are produced in a flurry of intense, focused activity. Both require drive, creativity, tight deadlines, relevance, quality, consistency and memorability.”